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VIP Rewards are designed for the loyal registered customer base with

Frankly, the members love the exclusivity.

Special incentives, deals, contests, one time offers etc., are pushed to the VIP members first.
Members receive priority notice on all sale items, contests and new products we bring to market.

Like, Share, Comment on our FaceBook Page, as the first step. From there, your effort is almost finished.

Don’t wait and do get on the list. We will be closing it and do not know when it will reopen.
Join & we’ll see you inside the VIP!!

All the best,
The Team.



How do I become valued VIP member & what does it do for me?

  1. Like, Share & Comment on our FB page
  2. Go to the “Special Offers” in above header and click link.
  3. Submit your email address
  4. We will send you a confirmation email
  5. You will receive your VIP membership by email within 30 minutes
  6. Enjoy special VIP incentives whenever you purchase

Many still don’t don’t know, is a small quiet company, and it’s by design.

We don’t need (or want) to be the large company. This keeps product running smooth and prices at the lowest possible prices.

Here’s your hidden gem…we are the lowest priced online colloidal silver supplier, with the highest quality product.

Tests completed by an independent 3rd party microbiological laboratory, has proven our 10PPM silver kills 99.9% bacteria & fungus. We have the proof!

Many suppliers tell you about the historical tests colloidal silver has championed, and they are important. However, historical tests do not confirm their own product, This is expensive, time consuming and it must be right or it fails.

No worries with our 10 PPM liquid, as it is tested and proven by a 3rd party independent microbiological lab, and you can review it inside our website.


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