Nano Colloidal Silver Immune Boosting Supplement Or Snake Oil

Independent Lab Tests Kills 99.99% Bacteria & Fungus

Nano Colloidal Silver Immune Boosting Supplement Or Snake Oil 

Finally the veil has been raised from the cloaked Colloidal Silver story. The confusion is gotten rid of from the arena of use. Will this early 20th century patented drug, turned over the counter supplement, remedy what ails you or is it just so much hype that will take your money?

Colloidal silver has exploded on the internet as a supplement, heralded as a remedy all, and cursed by some officials that seem to be inspired by the big pharmaceuticals.

Colloidal silver is the oldest & strongest antibacterial known to man. It was commonly utilized as a natural antibiotic prior to the discovery of penicillin. Penicillin (the new anti-bacterial agent) became the drug of favor worldwide. Colloidal silver was pushed to the back of medical awareness and found little usage after 1929. However, the medical world did not stop utilizing silver. The amazing healing qualities of silver are continued even now within the medical system’s burn centers, clothing, band-aids and countless children have had a silver concentrate flushed into their eyes right away after birth.

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So if this natural antibiotic was once used so extensively, why did the doctors stop using it? Did bacteria establish a resistance to colloidal silver? Did it stop working? The answer seems to be a choice by the pharmaceutical industry, likely because making a synthetic drug is more profitable. No resistance to colloidal silver has been developed by bacteria and the benefits are as good today or better, as they were prior to 1929. Conversely, do a search for “superbugs” and you’ll see the world wide epidemic of mutating bacteria strains the CDC can not control.

A few smart doctors continued to utilize colloidal silver. Some sensible clients remembered this silver mixture and easily continued its use as it became an over-the-counter “supplement “. The body’s immune system fights all invasive germs, bacteria and fungus to help avoid the body from succumbing to illness.

Like any compound that is taken in excess the body deals with overdoses of a compound as a toxic substance and rejects the immune system overload.

Examining bacteria in a petri dish

As an example, wheat consumed in excess is toxic to the body. We recognize that excess grain in horses will cause them to founder and in many cases become ill and die. The result would be similar in people. Properly made Nano Colloidal silver when ingested in the amounts suggested as a supplement has scientifically revealed to be a body immune system support guarding against viral infections and bacterial/fungus infections.

Some producers of colloidal silver used to make an inferior colloidal silver which is silver chloride. This is not acceptable as it can cause the large particles of silver to build up under the skin giving a light blue shade to the skin. There are no known adverse effects taking nano colloidal silver that is properly made and consumed. There are no recorded deaths from taking this immune system boosting supplement, but a lot of federal government pressure attempting to halt the sale for no other evident factor than to appease the heavy lobbying pharmaceutical companies that appear to now wish to prescribe this remedy again.

Nano Colloidal silver has actually been sold as a dietary supplement for boosting the immune system in every significant natural food chain in the country for over 25 years. Properly made concentration of 10 ppm is the “standard” available in 2, 8 & 16 ounce bottles. 

THIS IS IMPORTANT…. How does one tell if a Nano Colloidal Sliver product is of the highest quality and actually kills the bacteria/fungus to boost the immune system? Before buying any colloidal silver solution, simply ask to review & confirm the manufacturer has 3rd party independent microbiological lab testing on their nano colloidal silver solution.
If the seller has no testing qualifications on their product for review, means you and the seller has no idea if the product actually works. Locate a legitimate supplier and do not accept a product without any testing.As an example, everyone can review the Nano Colloidal Silver testing results of

Independent Lab Results

on their website anytime, proving the silver kills bacteria and fungus within 4 minutes. It is the highest quality & least expensive solution on the market.
Testimonials have actually filled numerous websites of how colloidal silver has actually been advantageous. These unsolicited accounts testify of a natural antibiotic that has powers beyond simply being an immune system boosting “supplement “.

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