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10 PPM Colloidal Silver, Skin Rejuvenation Lotion, Body, Hair & Facial Bar Soaps.

Antibacterial Products For You & Your Healthy Family Life 

Silver is the oldest and best known antibiotic. It was unfortunately replaced as a main antibiotic in the early 1930’s, when Penicillin was discovered.

Colloidal Care provides you the best and most beneficial natural products, for your health solutions.

Internal/ External Health, Skin & Hair Solutions, and coming soon, antibacterial, non-toxic, all natural Laundry Kreeme. All our products, the soaps, lotions and colloidal solution, are blended with the finest of natural elements, to promote the rejuvenation of your health (inside and out).

Our proprietary methods infuse all products with the highest quality I-L-T 10 PPM Colloidal Silver, solving many medical issues people experience today.

Tired of the commercial (and so-called-natural) soaps leaving you irritated, red skinned, dry and/or itchy? Yes.

Are you chemically sensitive to medicines, soaps and lotions? Yes.

Do you like putting up with the icky, greasy feeling left on your skin, after using the expensive top brands of skin relief products on the market? No.

Are you continually hoping for a solution to your visually embarrassing and uncomfortable health problems? Yes.

Do your All Natural Soaps & Lotions turn sour, smell and need to be thrown out? Yes.

Ever read the warning labels on your meds, or even the in home every day products, and wonder you never feel better? Yes!

We’ve Solved These Problems 

We use the finest quality:

  • All natural oils
  • All natural soaps
  • & the most powerful independently tested, antibacterial Colloidal Silver Solution

You can count on quality and effectiveness, as all products are meticulously made for the best results.

The proprietary blends of natural products, are infused in house, with our high quality, nano particle sized Colloidal Silver for :

  • A natural & stable long product life
  • Promoting rejuvenation of skin
  • Chemically sensitive skin
  • Attacking & killing 99.9% of bacterias & fungus (See The List Here )

Our All Natural Products are Guaranteed NOT TO TURN RANCID.

Of course you know what a fruit or vegetable does on your kitchen counter after a while, right? It naturally breaks down, and turns


rotten, smelly and disgusting. You throw it away.

Well, imagine you bought an expensive “all natural” product and it’s been sitting a while in your cupboard or medicine cabinet. You open it and it’s changed color, looks and smells disgusting. You throw it away.

Now you can’t attend to your problem right away,  plus you’ve wasted your hard earned money and have to buy more. Why repeat the process again?

A Major Break Through That Solved The “Rotten” Problem….

Through the proprietary methods of blending and infusing the ILT Colloidal Silver into our products, you no longer have a “rotting” problem.

Unlike other “all natural” products, competitors can not keep their natural products stable and fresh for long shelf life. They typically take the easy path, add chemical modifiers to enhance stability, but are no longer “all natural”.

Their products are defeating the entire goal of keeping your body free of harmful chemicals, and rebuilding/maintaining a healthy lifestyle with top quality natural products.

Our products are Guaranteed Not To Turn Rancid because we’ve stabilized the our natural products from rotting. We do not know of any other all natural soaps or lotions on the market, creating this amazing result.


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 You Deserve The Best 

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Based on the ILT testing, years of experience and testimonials of our loyal customers, they truly insist all our hand crafted soaps, lotions and colloidal solutions, are the best on the market today. The ILT certifies what they already know.

Using the highest quality Natural Oils in the Body, Hair & Facial soaps, and meticulously infusing ILT Colloidal Silver into every product, you are assured of the cleanest, bacteria free life style our products can provide.