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There are many proven methods which colloidal silver can be utilized for, when concerning the health and welfare of your pet’s immune system.

ColloidalCare.com has narrowed it down to five, in order to help you to answer simple questions & begin helping your pet’s overall health: Before buying any colloidal silver, SEE IMPORTANT PRODUCT QUALIFICATION & “ILT” NOTE AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE.

Best Methods Of Use

This short guide will help you with a few of the significant problems colloidal silver is proven to help eliminate. Considering that colloidal silver is a well documented, all-around microorganism defense, it’s an excellent one to maintain in your medicine cabinet for any type of condition– whether it’s microbial, fungal (yeast!) or viral in nature (it can also be used to help alleviate parvovirus). Plus, it can be utilized as a preventative when exposure to ill people or pets is inescapable, and as a regular household cleaner to decontaminate surfaces as well as locations.

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Orally: A basic guideline for oral application, is 5 to 10 drops, two to three times per day. Many problems are assisted by both oral with immediate application (as an example, use as ear drops AND in mouth). Since it generally tastes like water, no noticeable flavor and no reported harmful side effects, oral dosing is not a problem. Placing it in the water bowls is a great method of use for continual preventative maintenance.

Topically: When you or your pet experiences a wound, utilize a clean swab to the damaged area and clean it before use. For skin conditions, rash, bug bites, scrapes etc, spray onto area many times a day or use a compress.

Skin: Colloidal silver is utilized topically for skin infections. i.e. ringworm, topical injuries as well as burns and cuts. It is soothing as it also helps repair cell damage.

Ears: For pets with ear infections, colloidal silver provides an answer. The silver can be placed directly right into the ears with a simple dropper, flushed and redone. This will help fight off germs/bacteria and also fungus issues.

Eyes: Colloidal silver can additionally assist with eye problems like infections, allergies, swelling and tear discoloration. Because it’s safe, natural and doesn’t hurt, it can be placed directly into the eyes.

Lungs: Colloidal silver is the most versatile, all-natural immune system boosters, not only can it be utilized in an incredibly sensitive location such as the eyes, yet it could be made into an inhalant as a mist with a nebulizer, to deal with respiratory system problems like asthma, respiratory disease as well as pneumonia and more.

Inhalant: This is directed specifically to humans, as a gentle mask is placed over the mouth and nose. It is recommended to use a nebulizer with colloidal silver, at the very least-three times daily, for at least 15 minutes per use. That equates to approximately 2 tspns total per day. Nebulizing is THE MOST effective method to help your body’s immune system.

Keep in mind: Colloidal silver is the oldest, strongest and safest antibiotic known to man, plus works favorably without adverse side effects like OTC or prescription drugs. However, as a precaution, consider probiotics when taking antibiotics. Colloidal Silver may lower the natural gut flora in the intestine, if ingested orally in mass quantities, allowing it to settle in the stomach as prescription anti-biotics are known to do.

This is also why the nebulizer is the preferred method of application. It penetrates into the blood stream, rather than reaching the belly and killing your good bacteria, if colloidal silver remains in the gut. It’s vital to address probiotics to help create and keep the good microorganisms within normal guidelines in your pet(s).


IMPORTANT: …Only purchase VERIFIED QUALITY…FROM A VERIFIED SUPPLIER…WITH VERIFIED RESULTS. ALWAYS purchase colloidal silver meeting at least these crucial requirements.

ColloidalCare.com has tested/proven and verified ILT results for your confidence and review.

#1) Ask for the ILT” Independent Lab Tests to verify the following:

#2) Product is Tested/Proven by an independent 3rd party Microbiological Lab.

#3) Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Fungus

Collaborate with your suppliers when searching for and selecting a brand. A reputable supplier will have the “ILT” tests, and happy to provide them. CLICK HERE NOW & See our “ILT” at ColloidalCare.com.