How To/Most Popular Usage – 10PPM Nano Colloidal Silver Liquid

Health conscious people are on a thought path to increase their immune system, so we wanted to pass along a couple nice tips: 

Likely the simplest, easiest and quickest method to allow CS to infiltrate the blood stream and attack the invading bacteria/fungus, is what many customers do on a daily basis for preventative maintenance.

Customers order the 2oz travel size nasal spray, along with the 16oz bottle of 10PPM Nano CS. The 2oz is refillable and refill from the 16oz when needed. Average usage to refill is 30 days.

It’s an efficient travel size option people carry on plane, in the purse or to work etc, always able to moisten the nasal pathways from letting them dry out. 

Did you know, the nasal passages are the coolest part of the body? This is why CV/cold bacterias can live in your nasal area for long periods of time.  

Speaking of the CV19, it is well known, it can not live in an environment warmer than 98.6° and is killed at 113°. The medical cabal and news media, seem to ignore this and there are several well known medical journals you need to research to verify.

This is why in higher heat – geological environments, there are also less cases of cv19. 

Keeping the nasal passages warm & moist is key, as dry and cool nasal passages, harbor airborne contaminants/bacterias. Typical medical facilities are quite cool and doesn’t help in eradicating the issue naturally.

RELIEVE & KILL: A hot sauna, a simple steam device (just like grandma would do for a cold), is a great moisturizer, keeping the pathways warm and moist, relieving discomfort and killing the bacteria.

If you have a cold symptom, it’s suggested to use this method for at least 5 minutes, 2-3 times a day or more if possible, along with the use of our CS solution.

Some people do not appreciate nasal sprays, as they’ve experienced nasal sprays that hurt and seems unbearable inside your nose. I think we all have felt this at least once!!

ELIMINATE THE PAIN: So how do you eliminate the pain and frustration of this nasal spray issue and receive the CS benefits to superboost your immune system? Quit snorting! We’ll explain below..

The pain can definitely be the harsh chemicals from commercial nasal spray products, however, you would still feel the pain if you sprayed pure water and snorted deeply as directions suggest… Ouch…

Most pain is from snorting deep and hard, stretching the already sore, sensitive membranes in the nasal passage. Make sense?

So to use or 10PPM CS nasal spray & avoid any discomfort and remain pain free, lie down or tilt head back, spray each nostril 8- 10 times with colloidal silver, let it gently run down the nasal passages & back of throat… DO NOT SNORT…

Swallow the drainage and follow up with plenty of water, get it into your body.

Daily nasal spray is one of the easiest & best daily routines you can do when you wake in AM, during the day and at night before bed. Just do it and reap the benefits.

It greatly helps moisten, kills the bacteria/fungus and keeps daily contaminates to a minimum, in such a crucial area of the body. 

NEBULIZE THE NANO SILVER LIQUID: Another very efficient method (likely the best method/quickest results), is to nebulize the liquid silver, especially if you feel a cold or congestion start brewing and you’re doing the daily nasal spray. 

A nebulizer costs approx 35-50$$ on amazon or local store and it creates a fog. You just fill the small bowl with silver, turn on machine, breath in normal, taking the 10PPM nano CS fog in each breath.

The article below will help explain the simplicity of use, the difference is, we are not recommending to use harmful prescribed medications.

It’s very simple and takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of nano silver liquid in the bowl. Do this 2 or more times a day for best results, the nano CS will not hurt you, is totally safe, non-toxic, you can’t overdose on this antibacterial.

This quickly allows the silver to enter the bloodstream from the lungs and fight the issues from the inside out of the body, whether skin, respiratory, fungus issues etc. 

Nebulizing our Nano CS, is a wonderful solution to avoid the harmful side effects/warnings, from pharmaceutical drugs and medications. 

Always consult a doctor of medicine for your piece of mind. Many are open to natural methods of healing, as they see first hand the illogical results from the synthetic/ poisonous concoctions so many blindly accept.

Topical nano CS applications and treatments on infections, can relieve discomfort and help to a degree, but do not kill the bacteria enzyme from where the infection originates.

Stay religious with a daily commitment to boosting the immune system internally with our 10PPM nano CS liquid.

Along with using the 10PPM CS liquid, it’s highly beneficial to use the CS infused antibacterial all natural soaps & lotions topically, for help in rejuvenating skin cells, killing topical bacteria & reliving unwanted discomfort. 

A little of each product goes a long way and if you’ve done your research correctly, CS is natures strongest, oldest and most effective antibacterial known to man. 

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