Merchandise Return Authorization Form

Authorization for Merchandise Return

NOTE: International Orders Can Not Be Returned, Only Applies To United States Shipping



This form is invalid without pre-approved Return Authorization number and customer information. To return an item for an exchange, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Print out this page or download zip file here ( Authorization Zip File Form for Merchandise Return )and use the fill & sign option.
  1. E-mail us for a Return Authorization number at with the subject header “Return Authorization”.
  1. In the body of your e-mail, please include your original invoice number, full name, and telephone number.
  1. Once you have an RA number, write the number in the appropriate space on this form, as well as on the package next to the shipping label.
  1. Complete the rest of this form.
  1. Enclose the completed form in the package and ship it to:     9144 Quinn     Hesperia, Michigan 49421

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at

Thank you for your business and we hope we can continue to serve you in the future. CUSTOMER INFORMATION


E-mail address:


Street address


_Postal Code:

PRODUCT INFORMATION cannot guarantee proper processing of a return without this information.

Please provide invoice #

item number(s) or product description:

□ Item was broken when I received it □ Other (please describe below):

Return Process Of & All Costs Associated, Is Fully Understood & Accepted By Customer Returning Products. We Strive To Satisfy All Customers Requests, However, Shipping is An Industry We Can Not Control. Shipping Has Many Variables & Many Without Proper Notice To Small Businesses In Our Position. We Are Always Looking To Better The Experience For Our Clients & Hope You Understand, We Regret The Unfavorable Position We Must Adhere too Until A Better Solution Can Be Offered.

Your Business Is Important To Us & Enjoy Any Communication You May Offer.

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