Create resistance and you create health.

Welcome to Colloidal Care’s exclusive all natural products with the best antibacteria & fungus fighting power.  It’s a heavy statement, and our 10PPM Colloidal Silver is independently tested by a certified microbiological laboratory. ColloidalCare.com is purposely designed as a low key company (small by design), yet providing exceptional value and highest quality for our rapidly growing customer base.

The antibacterial quality of our Colloidal Silver liquid, is on the apex of our industry and setting the bar above all others. We have the proof it kills 99.9% bacteria & fungus. The 10PPM compliments the wonderful ingredients (deep cleansing/protection action) within the soaps and lotions for your hair and skin.

You’ll notice our products are All Natural and include Body, Hair & Facial Soaps, and our problem solving All Natural Skin Rejuvenation Lotions. You’ll gain great results, leaving your hair, body and skin, silky smooth and hydrated. Our Lotions penetrate quickly for fast relief and are non-greasy, so you don’t get the “yucky” oily feeling we all detest.

All products are carefully blended for your quality assurance, using proprietary methods to infuse our ILT 10 PPM Colloidal Silver into the soaps & lotions. Being natural based ingredients of the highest calibre, we guarantee they will not turn rancid, rotten and smelly, like other natural products.

We’re not here to hard sell you on our products, in fact, we want customers just like you, that can determine the best quality and performance as our independent tests plainly demonstrate. We have laid out hard facts that prove you will gain the best products for maximum results. Letting you make the educated decision, confirms you care about your quality of health & the products used.

Colloidal Silver has extraordinary benefits, and has provided them for many hundreds of years, until penicillin was the new “go to” drug in the early 1930’s. With the major pitfalls of bacteria mutations from modern medicine’s answers (poisons), people are seeking answers, relief and need a premier quality brand they can count. This is where we shine.

You won’t locate a better performing brand than our independent product testing proves. Infusing it into our natural products, gives you the upper hand on staying healthy, fighting bacteria. That’s why thousands of people are very happy, healthy and they count on our premium products in their daily routine.

  • Only purchase the highest quality, tested & independently lab verified Colloidal Silver.
  • It’s crucial to know you are buying the bacteria & fungus killing powerhouse you need to rely on.
  • Always ask to review the “ILT” to verify a legit supplier.
  • You can’t fight germs, bacteria and fungus using unproven products.
  • If it’s not tested, it’s not proven & both you & supplier have no idea what is being sold.
  • Create germ resistance and you create health, only with a proven product.

These are smart points to observe which you can’t afford to risk with your health. You deserve the best for optimum results, so ask for the “Independent Lab Tests” exactly like what we proudly display for your review. 

Only purchase quality products from the supplier that proves you are buying the best, and always ask for the proof of their product, with independent-3rd party-unbiased testing from a certified lab.