Ultimate Colloidal Care Starter Pack


Limited Time Offer

Would you like to introduce Colloidal Silver to a friend but never took the opportunity?

Maybe you want to experience more of our high quality products for yourself?

Now is your opportunity. Click Now →  Start them with the ultimate ColloidalCare.com Starter Pak NOW.  

2oz 10 PPM Nasal Colloidal Silver, 2.5oz Lotion, 2.0oz Oval Facial Bar, Round Shampoo Bar, 5.0oz Oval Body Bar
2oz 10 PPM Nasal Colloidal Silver, 2.5oz Lotion, 2.0oz Oval Facial Bar, Round Shampoo Bar, 5.0oz Oval Body Bar














  • 1 – 5.5oz All Natural Oval Body Bar $9.00 Value
  • 1 – 5.5oz All Natural Round Shampoo Bar $9.00 Value
  • 1 – 2.5oz All Natural Oval Facial Bar $6.00 Value
  • 1 – 2oz Bottle 10 PPM ILT Colloidal Silver $10.00 Value
  • 1 – 2.5oz All Natural Rejuvenating Skin Lotion $10.00 Value
  • 1 – Premium Natural Exfoliating Oca-Loofah Scrub $3.00 Value

Normally a $47.00 Value Plus $12.99 Shipping      

Now Only $33.00 & FREE SHIPPING

Created for the person who loves giving affordable, high quality & thoughtful gifts, that enhance friends/family’s lives. This is a gift they will use, appreciate and understand the wonderful benefits it provides them.

You will NOT beat this deal and this offer may be pulled at any time, so order now.

This is truly an amazing Starter Pak for anyone to begin their natural antibacterial lifestyle, and solve or prevent many underlying bacterial/fungus issues.

It’s a smart way to try the Colloidal Care Premium products at a considerable discount too. Colloidal_care_Large_Logo_Transparent 600x600

Whether gift giving or receiving, you can provide the best gift for family/friends. This is a boost for cost effective health care & current disease awareness.

Show someone you love them you care with the best products infused with the Independent Medical Lab Verified, 99.9% Bacteria & Fungus Killing Colloidal Silver Liquid. (NOTE: See The ILT here)

ColloidalCare.com Safe Enough For Your Babies Too
ColloidalCare.com Safe Enough For Your Babies Too

Safe enough for any infant, and that matters!.

With our ILT of 99.9% Bacteria & Fungus killing power, you know the benefits and positive results it provides.

Normally a $47.00 Value Plus $12.99 Shipping     Now Only $33.00 & FREE SHIPPING

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ColloidalCare.com Team's offers you the best high quality, all natural antibacteria products in liquid, soaps & lotions, all infused with our independent lab taested 10 PPM Colloidal Silver. We are the exclusive distributor for Michael Clark's Health, Hair & Lotion Solutions, who has developed a proprietary system, to infuse, blend & create the best natural antibacterial products, guaranteed not to turn rancid. Thousands of satisfied customers are long time clients, and have come to rely on superior results, even when new products are developed and available for purchase. Research and Development is a continual process. Antibacterial Antiperspirant, Shaving Butter, Laundry Kreeme, Pet Solutions and many new items will be unveiled as time permits. We blessed with great customers and we look forward to receiving you into our long term all natural, antibacterial family of health. You are invited to email if you have any questions. All the best, ColloidalCare.com Team.

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