Video: How To Use Colloidal Silver

Mr Clark simplifies how to use Colloidal Silver.

admin Team's offers you the best high quality, all natural antibacteria products in liquid, soaps & lotions, all infused with our independent lab taested 10 PPM Colloidal Silver. We are the exclusive distributor for Michael Clark's Health, Hair & Lotion Solutions, who has developed a proprietary system, to infuse, blend & create the best natural antibacterial products, guaranteed not to turn rancid. Thousands of satisfied customers are long time clients, and have come to rely on superior results, even when new products are developed and available for purchase. Research and Development is a continual process. Antibacterial Antiperspirant, Shaving Butter, Laundry Kreeme, Pet Solutions and many new items will be unveiled as time permits. We blessed with great customers and we look forward to receiving you into our long term all natural, antibacterial family of health. You are invited to email if you have any questions. All the best, Team.

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