ILT 99.99% Bacteria Kill Rate Product Verification

There is no question, Colloidal Silver is an amazing gift from nature, and a viable solution to the medical industry’s antibiotic epidemic.

But will they make the choice to use it?

Colloidal Silver does have a bacteria kill rate of 99.99%, as history and numerous tests prove. Most suppliers making their own Colloidal Silver water, are very passionate about it and understand we need a proven alternative solution to the world’s rising “medical healthscare” epidemic.

Even the medical industry is warning, the bacteria resistance to antibiotics is a very real threat to all societies, world wide.

Suppliers Of Colloidal Silver & Independent Testing Results 

How do you REALLY know that the claims made by seller/supplier of Colloidal Silver, are results from the supplier’s actual product?

  • Is their product as good as they say and can it be back it up with real documentation?
  • Have they submitted their Colloidal Silver product to an independent medical testing lab (ILT) for analysis, which costs thousands of dollars?
  • Did the ILT’s confirm 99.99% Bacteria Kill Rate, per the medical industry’s standard testing?
  • Will they show you the ILT, to verify their own products meet/exceed testing standards?

OR are these good people simply riding on the backs of legitimate companies?

Ask yourself…….

  • Who can back up their claims the silver kills 99.99% Bacteria & Fungus?
  • Who has invested into expensive Independent Medical Laboratory Testing?
  • Who has independently verified their product with proven ILT results of 99.99% Bacteria Kill Rate?
  • Who can and will show me the ILT on their own product?

Now you see there’s a real distinction between Colloidal Silver suppliers who:

  • Generically boast about 99.99% Bacteria Kill Rate test results


  • A supplier showing and proving strong and verified ILT results on their own product.

The point is, If you buy products based on amazing claims, don’t you deserve undeniable proof like ours?

You deserve a credible and trustworthy Colloidal Silver supplier, and that’s why we are on the apex of our industry. We set the bar for all others to meet/exceed.

Proving our claim of 99.99% Bacteria Kill Rate, is finalized by an Independent Laboratory Test Facility (ILT).

We have substantiated our quality, exceeding Colloidal Silver suppliers in the market, and you should expect nothing less.

(Review The ILT 99.99% Bacteria Kill Results Here )

The ILT verifies the highest quality Colloidal Silver you can obtain, gives you the product you need, and places us above the competition.

This sets the bar for all credible Colloidal Silver suppliers to obtain an ILT, and should always be a key decision when you purchase.

This testing is very expensive, yet necessary to create a brand you can Know, Like and Trust, as a credible expert in our field, especially when you need it.

Many people make their own Colloidal Silver, but how do you really know it is colloidal and not ionic? What’s the PPM, the Zeta Potential and you must go back to the testing results!

We’re not saying you can’t make it, but shouldn’t you know what you are possibly ingesting and the quality as well? In reality, you really have no idea what you have made or purchased.

Indep Microbiological Lab Test Results 99.9% Kill Rate
Indep Microbiological Lab Test Results 99.99% Kill Rate

Unfortunately, most suppliers can not prove their quality, and you have no idea what they are selling. So remember this:

Always ask for the ILT, no matter where you purchase Colloidal Silver. We hope to hear from you soon.

ColloidalCare green Fade Bar

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