Premium All Natural Skin Rejuvenation Lotion

We all agree, the effects of any irritated skin condition is no fun.

Can you imagine eliminating the aggravating itch, burning sensation from the sun, dry, chapped, split  & sore skin?

Much of it can be reduced if not eliminated, plus enhanced with antibacterial qualities from Colloidal Silver.

Premium All Natural Antibacterial Lotions, will reduce – if not eliminate, most topical issues and will help rejuvenate smooth & silky skin.

Infusing our 10 PPM Tested – Proven – Trusted Colloidal Silver, creates a premium antibacterial lotion that attacks and soothes dry skin, callouses, hang nails, burns, rashes & scratches.

Beyond the typical dry / irritated skin conditions we all experience, it’s also an amazing sunburn relief lotion. It quickly penetrates deep, soothes & cools the irritated areas, experiencing relief in 20 minutes. It should be noted, keep the areas rubbed with our lotion, to eliminate future peeling or itching, which can be the worst effect from sunburn.

As you may know, most natural ingredient products will eventually rot, decay, turn rancid and stink from decomposition over time. This is not an issue with our lotions. We have a proprietary infusion process to keep the natural ingredients stable and ready for use. They do not rot and turn rancid.

The 6 oz or 2.5 oz units, make a super gift. We have never known this gift not to be used once received, so it’s a sure bet they will enjoy and remember you for it.

Try it out today and give a gift that will be appreciated!

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