Online Marketing: Answers Every Local Business Must Know To Best Attract Buying Customers 

<br /> Online Marketing: Answers Every Local Business Must Know To Best Attract Buying Customers 

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Use this comprehensive template to move your business forward quickly. Prior to any consultation with your online marketing specialist, the business owner needs to be able to communicate effectively. 

Many business owners speak in industry jargon and talk about features (the quantitative amounts or things) instead of benefits (what the value is or means to the customer or prospect). It’s really important that you determine in “Plain English” so that regular people understand what it is. 

In your own words, tell me about your business…

What makes your business unique?

What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

What makes you stand out among your competition?

It’s very important to get specific here. The more specific the easier it is to help target the market your business requires. 

Who is your ideal customer? “Everyone” is not an answer! Where do they live? How old are they? What sex? What are their hobbies, interests, income, and family status? Are they married? Do they have kids? Where do they shop? Who do they like?  Income Level?If you can define your clients, you will grow with new clients!

Is it better for you to find new customers or to sell more to current customers? Many clients will instinctively answer ‘both’ to this question, so we need to know which is ‘more important. The

Online Marketing

reason this question is here is to determine the type of follow up marketing that may be necessary. 

So of course, everyone needs new customers, however, the business owner may do much better with upsells to current loyal clients and concentrate on a follow up marketing campaign to that specific target group. 

What’s the long term value (LTV) of a new customer in your business? This question serves several purposes. It gets you thinking about what a customer means to you in terms of dollars. It then, in turn, helps you understand a sensible budget for marketing the business i.e. lets you know what you can spend to bring in a customer and be profitable. 

When you get a new customer how long do they stay with you? How often do they come back?

What is the average price point of your products?

Most clients have a successful business that has been running for some time.

Ask yourself these questions as we require the customer’s unbiased answers for their current marketing. This gives us insight as to any current marketing we should know about that you may have missed.

How do you attract customers in the door?How do you market your business now? Using any of the following types of advertising?… Yellow page, newspaper, TV, radio, billboards, postcards, flyers, etc.?

How many leads months are you getting with your current marketing methods?

Are you happy with that many leads a month or do you think that they can be improved upon?

What are you currently spending on your marketing budget?

Do you currently have any online marketing at all (Website, Soc Media, Google My Business?)

Your Business needs to be here. Google created a FREE search & ranking directory for every single business they can find. These listings, called Google My Business (GMB/Maps), feature local businesses that provide solutions for common searches.

The best 3 optimized GMB’s are seen first and placed on top of the search results, in a map, for free.

You’ve probably seen the MAPS when you’ve done a search, they’re the red pinpoints noted on the map with 3 businesses listed on the left of page. Your GMB/Maps listing is really important for local businesses, as over 70% of searches see & use these GMB/Maps listings and never search any further.

Based on the above, to what extent is having a good position on Google My Business/ Maps important to you? It significantly improves you’re business being seen when searchers want your products/services. 

Having a website (electronic business card) is one place for people to find you online. Imagine what it would be like if there were 1000’s of places online that would send people directly to your website.

Let’s talk some numbers.How much traffic (visitors) do you get to your website each month?

Do you have an opt-in (email capture) to collect leads?How many op-ins do you get each month?

Do you have your client’s emails in an email management system?How often do you send out emails?What is your open rate when you send emails?(10% Open rate is considered really good)Do you sell anything with your emails?How much do you earn a month from your mailings?

 Do you realize, every customer you could ever need, is on social media? 

Social Media is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet.

There are over 800 million active users on Facebook, 300 million users on Twitter, YouTube has over 2 Billion views a day, there are over 135 million businesses and business owners looking to grow their business on LinkedIn. 

How many likes do you have on your FB page?How many times a day do you post?Do you have customer engagement, interaction on your page likes, comments and shares?Have you ever run Facebook Ads?

When we share your message on these social sites, directly to your audience, what kind of impact do you think we can have?

To what extent is having a dominating presence online for your local market important to you? How would that improve your business?

The world is becoming more and more mobile every year, which makes it critical to get your business listed & recognized, in as many online and mobile directories as possible. The people using these online directories are “on the go” wanting answers immediately.

They’re either looking for you specifically, looking for the best 5 STAR RATED BUSINESS and/or looking for the the products/services in their area. If they can’t find your business first, they’ll simply go to your competition, typically with the best 5 Star Ratings.

Over 90% of people treat ratings/reviews, as serious as a “word of mouth” recommendation, from a family member or personal friend.  Do you look for reviews and ratings prior to calling or visiting a business?Is it important for your potential clients to see you are trusted & liked by satisfied clients?How Many Reviews/Ratings do you have currently? Are the current – less than3 months old?Who are your biggest competitors?

Do you think your competitors are doing a good job marketing online? Which competitor’s marketing do you like?What are their strong & weak marketing points online?

To what extent is being found in the mobile directories important to you? How would this improve your business?

Finally, what is your current monthly marketing budget? (If you don’t have one, we will help you determine where to begin)

What is your ROI-return on investment-for each marketing avenue? (Example you spend: $400 on Valpak every month how much do you make off of it?)

Answering these questions, you’ll be on the upswing against your competition right away. It’ll

help us send your message(s) to your exact local buying community, create the best ROI to meet your goals and grow your business nurturing the loyal existing clients, plus add new ones on a regular basis. 

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