Nano Colloidal Silver: The Fastest Way to Help Heal Your Family Pets

<br /> Nano Colloidal Silver For Pets: The Fastest Way to Help Heal Your Dog or Cat

Your pet is part of the family, so you wouldn’t keep them inside all day. They need some time outside and is why it’s highly suggested to use the nano colloidal silver for your pets! Here are some reasons why you should use nano colloidal silver for your dog, cat, bird, hamsters, horses, all your family pets:

colloidal Silver For Pets

It Can Help Prevent Diseases and Infections

When your pet is outside or visiting other animals, they are more susceptible to disease. Diseases like parasites, bacteria, and yeast can be harmful if your pet is not kept healthy. Luckily, properly made nano colloidal silver from is a natural substance that can help your pet prevent and reduce health issues and diseases.

For example, a common infection in dogs is thrush; this is an abnormal growth of the yeast that lives in their mouth. Thrush is caused by an increase in yeast, which is a condition that can cause a number of problems.

If a dog has a lot of thrush, it can cause bad odors and affect a dog’s ability to eat and drink. Yeast infections can lead to serious complications in some dogs so being aware of the signs and taking your dog to the vet as soon as you notice anything unusual is a good idea.

It’s Natural, Non-Toxic and Safe for Your Pet

Nano Colloidal silver is a natural substance that has been used for centuries for human health. It is not a drug or synthetic substance, so it does not carry any negative effects. Unlike so many antibiotics, it is not only safe for humans, but it is safe for your pets.

colloidal Silver For Pets

Nano Colloidal silver is an antibiotic that kills bacteria, yeast, and parasites. That means it can be used to treat many different infections like dental disease, UTIs, ear infections, gum and throat infections, yeast infections, and skin infections.

Many people use nano colloidal silver for their dogs or cats to treat UTIs. UTIs are infections of the urinary tract. It is most common in cats, though it can happen in dogs too. Cats with UTIs can become very painful and a UTI can sometimes cause your cat to have a false urine sample (pee outside the box).

It Has Healing Properties

Nano Colloidal silver has properties that promote healing. Research shows that it can help prevent and treat viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. That includes UTIs, skin infections, dental infections, and even dogs with Cushing’s disease.

Nano Colloidal silver can even help damaged tissue like severe burns and wounds in your pet. It has been used in hospitals for generations (still is for burn victims) until a synthetic penicillin became the “go to” antibiotic. This new antibiotice (a story for another day), also brought the ever increasing mutations of disease.

colloidal Silver For Pets

Synthetics do not kill bacteria like Nano colloidal silver and is far better than any other antibacterial in our humble opinion, which many university studies have confirmed. 

  can help improve their health and healing rate, along with improving blood sugar levels in diabetic pets and help reduce the risk of kidney damage.

Nano colloidal silver from, is made with a proprietary system using a very high electrical charge. This keeps the nano particles in suspension, never falling and collecting on bottom of glass container. 

The nano colloidal silver is below 8 microns, which is necessary to penetrate the invading infection cell, smother the enzyme and killing the bacteria dead. So you have no mutation, no stronger strain to worry about and develops an immunity boost which is required for better health.

colloidal Silver For Pets

It Can Improve Your Pet’s Health and COST EFFECTIVE!

Nano Colloidal silver can lower the risk of certain diseases, which means your pet will live longer and be less likely to need costly veterinary visits or medications.

Why not help improve your pet’s quality of life? It can help prevent & treat various health issues like UTIs, discomfort in recovering from dental disease, injuries, skin infections and yeast infections that may cause your pet pain and discomfort.

Nano Colloidal silver can be a valuable addition to your pet’s health routine, it’s super simple to do and is quite cost effective.

Final Words

Killing the bacteria and fungus dead, is the key to becoming & staying healthy. Nano Colloidal silver has been used by humans for many years as a natural antibiotic and anti-viral. is formulated to be safe for all your pets to use at home.

Being a natural substance that has been used for centuries, it does not carry any negative effects. It can be used to prevent and treat a number of health issues as a preventative medicine and it can be used to improve your pet’s health and quality of life.

colloidal Silver For Pets

Nano colloidal silver is a valuable addition to your pet’s health routine and you should be using it every day.

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