All Natural-Antibacterial Body Bath Bars

All Natural Hair, Body & Facial Bars W/ ILT Verified 99.9% Bacteria Kill

All Natural Antibacterial Body, Face & Shampoo Bars, 

blended with highest of quality Natural & Wholesome Oils, are infused with ILT Colloidal Silver.

The 5.0 oz Oval Body Bars, whether with or without Oatmeal, you’ll feel great from a silky smooth lathering that cleans & moisturizes your skin.

The 5.0 oz Round Shampoo Bars, create a quick lathering for your hair type, that deep cleans which gives body to the most complicated hair.

The 2.0 oz Oval Facial Bars, have 2x’s the Emu Oil which helps soften & tighten the facial creases, helping to remove wrinkles, cleans, softens and moisturizes your skin. High quality Emu Oil is proven to have natural antibiotic properties as well. Couple Smiling

The natural oils are blended and infused together, which creates the cleanest feeling skin and hair you’ll experience, from our top quality products.

Unscented, Frankincense & Myrrh, Fresh, Honeydew Lemon, Lavender, Orange Grapefruit, Patchouli, Spicy Orange, Sweet Berries

INGREDIENTS: 10 PPM “ILT” Colloidal Silver Water, Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Emu Oil, & Vitamin E Oil

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Watch and learn why our Antibacterial All Natural Colloidal Silver Infused Soaps, will give you clean, refreshing results you need daily.

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NOTE: Our high standards exceed most, if not all other Colloidal Silver suppliers. High quality standards dictate, all our Natural Products must contain the very best high end, high quality Oils, to achieve our amazing results. These naturaloils are very expensive, and the impeccable quality keeps our customers long term & very happy. Antibacterial products with verified 99.9% “ILT” bacteria kill  on the market, gives you the best results.

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